About Us


Mario has always been passionate about people and loves to serve. As he likes to say: "I love my real estate broker profession and people seem to feel the same way about me." Besides, all he does he does it with heart. Remember when he was the co-owner of the the Duvar Jewelry store, with his good friend Jean Hamann, it was with eagerness that he sought to find the perfect piece of jewelry; the one that would say everything. Then after several years at this location, you could find him at the Johnny Pizzeria, which he acquired in 1986, and it is with pleasure, once again, that he ensured to give you a personalized and high quality service. After more than 17 years of valiant services in the restaurant industry, he sold this business, proud of the progress and growth with the extension, renovations, and providing work for more than 60 employees. But Mario is a man of action and his overflowing energy leads him to surpass himself ceaselessly. He therefore immersed himself in real estate, where he has been working since 2004.

Caroline is pleased to collaborate with Mario so that everyone’s dreams become reality. She is recognized for her excellence in customer service and has been working in the real estate sector since 2008, first as an assistant, and then as a residential real estate broker. Through her listening, her professionalism and her thoroughness, she will assist you to ensure that you settle in an environment that fits your needs and where you can make the most of life by minimizing the issues and stress associated with a real estate transaction.